Monday, 10 November 2014

Rectification of IT Return - XML files

Income tax department GOI in their old website had no link to upload xml file in respect of IT returns already filed. For filing rectifications one had to request the IT department, CPC at Bangalore, online for sending xml file. The message displayed online used to tell the user that xml file will be sent to the user within 2-3 days' time. The xml files was however never received by the users. To resolve the issue the site has been completely renovated by IT department and link has been provided to upload xml file from A.Y.2012-13 onward and to file rectifications. User interface on the site has been made very user friendly. However rectifications in respect of income tax returns filed earlier manually will be handled by the Income Tax assessing officers of the wards where return was originally filed. Any demand raised by the ITO, Assessing Officer, will remain outstanding at CPC, Bangalore till it is rectified by the local assessing officer, who after making the demand ZERO will forward the file manually to the Commissioner or Joint Commissioner under whose jurisdiction the assessing officer falls. Then the joint commissioner or commissioner will personally rectify the online records so as to be reflected in database at CPC, Bangalore. Till the whole process of online arrears of tax demand for a particular A.Y. are rectified by the local processing officers and joint commissioner the system at CPC Bangalore will not permit any refunds to be issued to the tax payer for subsequent years, rather the system will generate notice u/s 245 of the income tax act to be complied within 30 days even if the mistake is on the part of the assessing officer. Government of India is working hard to minimize the hardships of the Tax Payers and to achieve the objective Ombudsman Helpline has been provided to look into the sufferings of the honest taxpayers in India.

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