Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tax Consultants - Guide Public in General and Promote Your Own Consultancy

We had launched the Blog Money Multiplier India - Personal Taxation long time back and Now we have revived it. We plan to make it full fledged Website for the welfare of the Public by upgrading the "Taxation" Page of our Main Website Web Question Answers at Taxation. We invite Tax Consultants to contribute their ARTICLES which are understandable by the common-man/general public .Tax Consultants can also Promote their Consultancy Business through our website free of Cost.

If you are finding it difficult to write Taxation Articles at WebQuestionAnswers then please follow the step-by-step guidelines below and you will feel comfortable with the site:

First of all let me thank you that you have chosen Web Question Answers for writing your valuable articles with unique content. You need to follow the following procedure to write your articles which will also get circulated on our more than 20 blogs and websites automatically:
1.    First of all register on the website with your full credentials.
2.    Complete your profile through our Help Guidelines.
3.    After signing in every member of the site can submit articles which will be moderated by our Team of Editors.
4.    Your article will get published within 24 to Hours of submission. In case you do not find any article fitting into our pre activated categories then you can select the "Uncategorized" category and our team will create proper category well suited to your article.
5.    For every article our automated systems allot Scores.
6.    Scores are converted into Real Cash.
7.    Through our site your voice outreaches about 2000 visitors daily and authors of unique content, if already approved for AdSense" can insert their own AdSense code in the articles after allowing access to third party site that iswww.webquestionanswers.com .
8.    For more information the authors and/or content writer can go through our detailed Help Guidelines.
9.    Last but not the least please do not forget to check the uniqueness of your content through our Check Copied Content tool available on the site.
If still you have any doubt then contact the webmaster of the site. 

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